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What is CSS?

A Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) is a website that collects product offers from online retailers and then sends users to the retailers’ websites to make a purchase. Merchants need to work with at least one CSS to begin placing Shopping Ads. Google recommend using multiple CSS partners, to test the performance.

The CSS Partner program helps Comparison Shopping Services (CSSs) and merchants to connect more effectively with shoppers through Shopping Ads. After completing an in-depth training, Comlyn are can help to maximise the potential of Shopping Ads, making access to Shopping ads seamless for merchants.

Your benefits - The CSS Incentive Program

Google's CSS Partner program are currently* offering SpendMatch discounts to merchants using CSS Partners:

New Merchant SpendMatch

New merchant domains onboarding with a given CSS get full spend match for spend on Shopping ads for 30 days up to €500 as long as the CSS spends more than €10 in those 30 days for that merchant, the SpendMatch starts with the 11th Euro spent.

Existing Merchant SpendMatch

For all existing merchants, Google will provide ad credits after each 30 day period. The amount of ad credits will be based on a percentage of a partner CSS's spend on Shopping ads for a given merchant during that 30 day period:

  • Any merchant with spend in a 30 day period between €500 - €2,500 gets 20% of the spend credited to that merchant's account
  • Any merchant with spend in a 30 day period between €2,500 - €10,000 gets 25%
  • Any merchant with spend in a 30 day period above €10,000 gets 30%, capped at €32,000 credit per 30 days

Note: If a New Merchant would receive a greater ad credit if it were considered to be an Existing Merchant, Google will apply whichever classification is most beneficial for that merchant.

*These programs may change at any time at Google's sole discretion

Read more at Google

Comlyn's Solution

Comlyn is the market leading solution provider of CSS, with tailor-made solution for merchants, agencies and partners seeking a white-label solution.

Select below what entity you represent to see what options we do offer.

Comlyn have following two options if you are a merchant that want to access the CSS discount and SpendMatch.


Free Setup

Transparency is key, we do believe that's the only way to do business. Consequently, our setup is as straightforward as it can be, without any percentage fees of your Google spend.

Using Comlyn as CSS you get all benefits form the CSS program, including access to the discounted Shopping Ads rates and the SpendMatch.

We partnered up with Cobiro to make this offer possible. Cobiro has raidly become a global and marlet-leading AI and Automation platform for Google advertising.

Read more and sign-up at Cobiro

Agency Solution

Comlyn work together with a larger amount of Agencies and Media Partners, providing the Comlyn CSS setup.

Read more and sign-up at Cobiro

Comlyn provide solutions to a larger number of advertising agencies through which their merchants are allowed to access discounted CSS rates and SpendMatch. The entiere CSS setup.

If you represent an SEM agency and you are interested in offering the same opportunities to your customers, we do have the market-leading solution for you. We provide you with everyting you need to offer your customers the Google CSS setup.

Comlyn charge $49 per month per account. In case you represent a larger list of clients, discounts are available.

The CSS solution is exclusitve distributed in a partnerwhip with Cobiro.

Please do contact us and we will create an Agency setup for you.

If you represent a media company or large agency who like to get the branding of running the CSS setup, Comlyn are able to offer this as well.

Our White-label provide you with a turn-key solution, everything required to become a CSS partner.


  • Feed handling (CSV, JSON and XML)
  • Feed enrichment (Google taxonomy prediction, Conversion tracking, etc.) (optional services)
  • Search Engine Cluster with all offers from Merchants (following Google's requirements and more)
    • Index
    • Filters (Price, Merchant, Category, Shipping time, etc.)
    • Pagination
    • Etc.
  • Web-site for Comparison Service Setup
    • Styled to your design
    • Custom pages
    • Etc.
  • Google Ads system (built utilising Google Ads API)
  • Google Merchant system (built utilities Google Content API)
  • Shopping Campaign Management (optional services
  • Bid Engine (optional services)
  • Reporting (optional services)


  • Support and Management
  • Google and Client support
  • Custom feature development
  • Etc.

Please do contact us in case of interest in a White-label solution.